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If You Are Injured at Work

Workplace injuries can be caused by many different things. Perhaps you tripped and fell, you harmed yourself while lifting something, or maybe your injury has developed gradually over time. Some injuries can even be caused by psychological stress.

For your injury to qualify for Workers' Compensation benefits, three things must occur:

  1. You must have an injury that arises out of, and in the course of, your employment.
  2. You must notify your supervisor within 30 days of the injury.
  3. You must either lose time from work and/or require medical attention.

Important Deadlines:

  • 30 Days - The amount of time that you have to report an injury to your employer.
  • 10 Days - The amount of time that your employer will be able to control your medical treatement, after which you can choose your own doctor or therapist.
  • 14 Days - The amount of time your employer has to accept or deny your claim after you have reported your injury.

Common Injuries

Some of our Results from Maine Workers' Comp Cases

Construction Worker - Back and neck injury: $1,034,239

A construction worker injured his back and neck. The insurance company tried to blame other causes, but we prevailed and forced payment of full weekly benefits and medical treatment. We then helped the client receive Social Security disability benefits, and settled the workers’ compensation claim for a $1,034,239 settlement.

Machine Operator - Wrist, elbow and shoulder injury: $320,000+

A machine operator hurt his wrists, elbow and shoulder during years of work activity. After payment of weekly benefits and medical treatment we obtained a $320,000 settlement.

Truck Driver - Foot injury: $145,000+

A truck driver injured foot, insurance company stopped benefits, we restored client’s weekly benefits and after full hearing we won. We later settled the case for an additional lump sum of $145,000.

Mobile Home Salesman - Knee and shoulder injury: $180,000+

A mobile home salesman injured knee and shoulder. Insurance company refused to pay so we filed petitions and won full, ongoing lost time and medical benefits. Later we reached an additional $180,000 settlement for our client.

Oil Burner Technician - Hip injury: $235,000+

An oil burner technician injured his hip while working. We forced the insurance company to pay full benefits, and later reached a $235,000 settlement.

Food Factory Worker - Foot and hand injury: $152,000+

A food factory worker hurt his foot and hand. After years of benefits were paid we settled the claim for an additional $152,000 in benefits.

Truck Driver - Neck, back, hip, and knee injury: $300,000+

A truck driver fell and injured his neck, back, hip and knee. The employer refused to continue benefits so we filed a claim and won. The employer appealed and we fought that battle and won again. After years of paid benefits to our client we obtain an additional $300,000 settlement.

Boatyard Worker - Back and knee long-term stress injury: $250,000+

A boatyard employee’s back and knees “gave out” after many years of heavy manual labor. We helped our client obtain his maximum weekly benefit checks and quality medical care, and eventually achieved an additional $250,000 settlement followed by an award of Social Security disability.

Psychological stress injury: $330,000+

We won a workers’ compensation case involving a psychological stress injury for over $330,000.

Furniture Mover - Knee and neck injury: $230,000+

A furniture mover injured his knees and neck. We forced the insurance companies to keep paying full benefits and afterward achieved an additional settlement of $230,000 for our client.

Blueberry Processor - Slip & Fall Back Injury: $220,000+

A blueberry processor employee slipped and fell at work, hurting his back. After years of benefits were paid to our client we arranged an additional $220,000 settlement.

Secretarial Worker - Repetetive Stress Elbow Injury: $62,500+

A secretarial worker hurt her elbow using her keyboard. After years of benefits were paid to our client we obtained additional benefits in a $62,500 settlement.

Factory Worker - Repetetive Stress Wrist Injury: $160,000+

A factory worker sustained injuries to her wrists as a result of overusing her hands at work. We took the case to a hearing that resulted in an award of total incapacity benefits and medical coverage to our client. We reached a settlement, with the insurer paying an additional $160,000 in benefits, followed by an award of Social Security disability.

Day-Care Employee - Slip & Fall Neck-Shoulder Injury: $202,000+

A day-care employee slipped and fell at work, hurting her neck and shoulder. Insurance company refused to pay so we went to hearing and won. After our client received all her weekly checks and medical treatment we later reached a $202,000 settlement for additional benefits.

Truck Driver - Head Injury: $100,000+

A truck driver struck his head while doing a tire repair, and suffered ongoing headaches. We helped him to receive disability in a $100,000 settlement.

Factory Worker - Repetetive Stress Back Injury: $220,000+

A factory worker’s back was hurt due to repetitive lifting at work. His company tried to stop paying, but we forced them to continue the weekly checks and eventually settled the case for $220,000 in additional benefits.

Fast Food Worker - Wrist injury: $75,000+

A fast food worker injured her wrist while using a milkshake machine. We forced payment of full weekly checks and then we obtained additional benefits in a $75,000 settlement.

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